Blom-Singer® Nasal Septal Perforation Prosthesis

For the non-surgical closure of nasal septal perforations

New Nasal Septal

Severn Healthcare are delighted to supply the Blom-Singer® NASAL SEPTAL PERFORATION PROSTHESIS range, now available in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
As a manufacturer of the Blom-Singer® products, InHealth Technologies have been dedicated to listening to the needs of patients and clinicians and responding with products and services that will aid quality of life. Severn Healthcare are proud to act as distributor of Blom-Singer® products in the UK and Ireland and consequently are delighted to provide the Blom-Singer® NASAL SEPTAL PERFORATION PROSTHESIS range, designed by Eric D. Blom, Ph.D.

Nasal Septal

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Further information on the Blom-Singer® NASAL SEPTAL PERFORATION PROSTHESIS range is provided via the link below.

Nasal Septal Information Booklet