Ad-Tech Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM) Electrodes

Subdural Electrodes

Ad-Tech's range of Subdural IOM electrodes come sterile, with platinum contacts leading straight through pre-attached cabling to DIN terminals ready to plug into the amplifier. These electrodes are available in strip, grid or clover leaf configuration, all with numbered contacts allowing the intraoperative monitoring and mapping of the cortical surface to assist in a tailored resection, or to warn of approaching seizures.


Epidural Spinal Electrodes

ad-tech-subdural-electrodesAd-Tech spinal electrodes are designed to be placed in the epidural space, and can be used to monitor evoked potentials in either descending pathways (D-Waves), or ascending pathways during spinal surgery. The ability to monitor the spinal cord condition during surgery through measuring D-waves is considered the "gold standard" when removing spinal cord tumours, as it allows the surgeon to avoid damage that can result in the patient experiencing long term muscle paralysis.

Ad-Tech Epidural Spinal Cord electrodes come sterile, with either 2 or 3 platinum contacts spaced 15mm apart, and terminate in standard 1.5 DIN connectors. There is also a Tuohy needle to aid in the remote placement of the electrode.

Product CodesDescriptionsPlacement Qty
CEDL-2PDINX-101 2-contact spinal electrode 16 ga. Tuohy Needle + stylet
CEDL-3PDINX-100 3-contact spinal electrode 16 ga. Tuohy Needle + stylet