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Severn Healthcare are the exclusive distributor of the Leksell® Stereotactic System. Elekta will continue to provide customer service for the Gamma Knife, Linacs and other Oncology equipment but Severn are responsible for Stereotactic Neurosurgery Products and Services where it is used in functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery procedures. Severn is a new company but many of the personnel are ex Forth Medical who distributed the Leksell® Stereotaxy System for over two decades. As a result of this there is significant accumulated experience in Leksell product support and Leksell® customer service. Our intention is to provide you with excellence in both.

Introducing the Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System:

Elekta released the Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System in 2017. It has a design concept based on the well-established Leksell Stereotactic System®, acknowledged for its ease of use, high accuracy and precision within the clinical application area of stereotactic neurosurgery.

Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System


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