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synovisSevern Healthcare is a proud partner and exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland for Synovis Micro Companies Alliance, Inc (Synovis MCA).

For over a decade Synovis MCA has been instrumental in transforming the surgical technique for microvascular free flap reconstruction with the COUPLER device in Plastic, Maxfax and ENT surgery.

The staff at Severn Healthcare have many years of accumulated experience with the coupler.
Providing Industry leading service to our customers within Plastic and Head and Neck, Severn are entirely committed to providing first class technical support and customer care. Combined with Synovis MCA's expertise in the field of microsurgery, Severn Healthcare are a natural partner for them in the UK and Ireland.

synovis-couplerThe COUPLER device enables the microsurgeon to perform a sutureless anastomosis of the vein or artery during free flap reconstruction. This provides a series of benefits for the patient and the surgical team. Most importantly, the COUPLER provides intima-to-intima contact and has been shown throughout the literature to reduce the potential rate of thrombosis when compared to hand-sewn anastomosis.

The Synovis Coupler provides a mechanical, patent anastomosis in vessels ranging from 0.8mm through to 4.3mm, with rings available in half millimetre sizes from 1mm through to 4mm. It is also possible to effectively anastomose vessels with a 3:1 mismatch using the device.

Compared to the traditional hand sewn technique, the Synovis microvascular anastomotic coupler offers a time-saving, reproducible and easy to perform technique.  Internationally and in the UK, the product has become widely used and is a recognised alternative those more traditional methods. The literature supports a low veinous thrombosis rate (1.7% in a total of 3497 veinous anastomoses). The Coupler is a well accepted adjunct to free flap surgery in most plastic centres across the UK and is now being adopted by both the ENT and Maxfax communities. It can be used equally well in both end-to-end and end-to-side anastomoses.

microvascular-anastomotic-coupler-leadThe SECOND GENERATION FLOW COUPLER device is now available for use in procedures with a high risk of thrombosis or buried flap procedures where accurate assessment of the flap's condition is required. Combining the reproducible anastomosis of the COUPLER with an implantable Doppler incorporated into the ring of the device, the Flow Coupler is available in sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4mm.

Acting as an early warning system by detecting a drop in veinous blood flow, the new Flow Coupler can help reduce flap failure rates.

Synovis MCA have a commitment to being "the microsurgeons most trusted resource" and as such are able to offer a range of specialised ancillaries to complement the Coupler range.

The GEM MicroClips and SuperFine MicroClips are the smallest ligation clips available to clinical teams in the UK.

synovis-superfine-applier-and-rackThe GEM BiPolar Forceps have a top quality non-stick coating, which means that they handle well with a reproducible result.

We are proud to call Synovis our partner, and we continue to work closely with them in growing the Synovis MCA business in the UK and Ireland.

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