Katz Extractor® Oto-Rhino Foreign Body Remover

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Experience you can trust. First extractor on the market with the longest history of use.

Have questions about the new Katz design?

We have answers:

Q. Is there a new design of the Katz?

A. Yes! The catheter is now one colour: white. The new Katz design also features a one-piece moulded catheter rather than the original two-piece design. This helps prevent catheter kinking.

Q. How many come in a box?

A. Five pre-assembled, individually wrapped, and ready-to-use Katz Extractors conveniently come in one box.

Q. Is the Katz indicated for the nose and the ear?

A. Yes, the Katz Extractor is a single-use, disposable balloon extractor indicated for use in the nose and ear.

Q. Do I have to assemble anything?

A. No, the Katz arrives fully assembled and ready to use.

Animation Video of The Katz Extractor    

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