Adjustable Bi-Flanged Fistula Prosthesis


Severn Healthcare are delighted to introduce the Adjustable Bi-Flanged Fistula Prosthesis by Blom-Singer® for the management of hypopharyngeal fistulae.

Designed by Eric D. Blom, Ph.D., the Blom-Singer® Adjustable Bi-Flanged Fistula Prosthesis is made from medical grade silicone and is designed to reduce leakage of saliva, food and drink through the Hypopharyngeal Fistula.

Bi Flanged FistulaThe prosthesis comes in 3 diameters: 25mm, 38mm and 50mm, promoting accuracy of fit. The prosthesis helps to:

Seal the fistula

  • Helps maintain a dry tract
  • Reduces leakage of saliva and food / drink into soft tissue or external to the body

Promotes cost savings

  • Easy to install / remove with catheter
  • May be placed in theatre or in the out-patient department
  • May reduce length of stay and associated costs

blom-singer-fistula-ir-catheterFrequently asked questions

What is included in the offering?
An insertion and Removal Catheter (I&R) is provided with the 25mm and 38mm Prosthesis The 50mm Adjustable Bi-Flanged Fistula Prosthesis does not require the I&R Catheter.

Is is sterile?

What is the shelf life?
Three year shelf-life from date of manufacture.

Can this device be reprocessed for multi-patient use?
No, single patient use only.

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