Blom-Singer® Laryngectomy Tubes

New Blom-Singer® StomaSoft® Laryngectomy Tubes:

Features of the StomaSoft® Tube include:

  • extremely soft and designed to fit comfortably within the stoma
  • available in size 8, size 9, size 10 and size 12 
  • available in two lengths (36mm and 55mm)
  • designed with reinforced strap holders
  • compatible with HME systems and accessories from most major manufacturers
  • Available with or without fenestrations

StomaSoft Clear BackgroundStomaSoft Tubes


Blom-Singer® Laryngectomy Tubes (Sterile)

Blom-Singer® Laryngectomy Tubes are durable, lightweight silicone tubes that are used to keep the tracheostoma open after laryngectomy.

Blom-Singer® Laryngectomy Tubes (Sterile) are:

   • Durable

   • Lightweight

   • Non-Fenestrated

   • Available in a variety of sizes: 8, 9, 10, 12

   • Available in 2 lengths (36mm and 55mm)

   • Not compatible with HME cassettes

N.B. The tubes do not hold an HME or other attachments.

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For further information on the complete range of Blom-Singer® Laryngectomy Tubes, please click on the link to our Prescription Items Booklet or the link to our Blom-Singer® Laryngectomy Tubes literature shown below.

V4 Laryngectomy Tubes

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