Kogent ™ Surgical Disposable Bipolar Forceps

The principals at Kogent have decades of experience working with leading Neurosurgeons to develop innovative surgical instruments that help improve patient outcomes. The Spetzler bipolar forceps (originally distributed by Codman, now distributed by Stryker), the Malis irrigating bipolar System and the Sonopet ultrasonic dissector:aspirator are all examples of the innovations delivered in the past by this group.

Now, their new company Kogent has been established in order to deliver and bring to market second generations of these technologies. The combination of relevant experience, input from leading clinicians and a proven record of technical innovation are bringing meaningful advances to each of these product areas.

KoAg non-stick bipolar forceps, from the original inventors of the “Yellow” bipolars: The improved thermal conduction and the enhanced energy delivery at the silver-plated tips give these high quality disposable bipolars optimised non-stick performance. The superior design of the tines, together with thinner insulation, gives enhanced sight lines to the tips and therefore better visualisation. The tips meet perfectly every time, even under pressure, and the ideal spring pressure provides for better “feel” during dissection.


Focused non-stick bipolar forceps: These are modified KoAg forceps, with all the associated non-stick performance, that are electrically insulated on all lateral surfaces of the tips. So, energy is focused precisely between the tips, therefore designed to minimize collateral damage.


Dual Irrigating+Bipolar non-stick bipolar forceps: The irrigation channels in these Kogent forceps are embedded completely within the tines. This provides much better visibility at the tips. The tubing is integrated with the forceps, which brings cost effective benefits. There is always a bipolar cord opened for these procedures, so the same cord can be used for irrigating and non-irrigating forceps.

Dual IrrigatingDripping tips

Illuminated: Kogent’s Illuminated Bipolar Forceps have the unique feature of fibreoptic illumination at the tips. The light emanating from the tips of both tines provides for enhanced vision of deep tissue structures when compared to the illumination from microscope, headlight or ceiling light alone. The 12 foot fibreoptic cable, which is integrated into the bipolar forceps, connects to most surgical lightsources.