Kogent ™ Surgical Disposable Bipolar Forceps

Severn Healthcare have partnered with Kogent Surgical to bring the Slimline range of disposable non-stick bipolar instruments to the UK and Ireland. Kogent™ Surgical are Disposable Bipolar manufacturing specialists based in the United States of America.

The Slimline range of Non-stick disposable bipolar forceps are premium forceps finished by hand to give exceptional balance, delicate precision and fantastic performance. Such balance, precision and non-stick performance allows the surgeon to be confident when working in and around the most delicate anatomical structures.

kogent slimline



Lightweight materials and design.
Well-balanced bayonet with attached pigtails for a more comfortable and balanced feel.


Ideal coating-to-tip confluence for full platform tip closure. Smooth non-stick tips constructed for ideal accuracy.
Designed with enhanced sight lines to the tip.


Providing consistency and optimal performance to every case. Sold in boxes of five.


Product CodesLengthTip Size
DNK7-05S 7" (18cm) 0.5mm
DNK7-10S 7" (18cm) 1.0mm
DNK7-15S 7" (18cm) 1.5mm
DNK8-05S 8" (20cm) 0.5mm
DNK8-10S 8" (20cm) 1.0mm
DNK8-15S 8" (20cm) 1.5mm
DNK9-05S 9" (23cm) 0.5mm
DNK9-10S 9" (23cm) 1.0mm
DNK9-15S 9" (23cm) 1.5mm




biploar cords



Kogent Surgical

The principals at Kogent have decades of experience working with leading Neurosurgeons to develop innovative surgical instruments that help improve patient outcomes. The Spetzler bipolar forceps (originally distributed by Codman, now distributed by Stryker), the Malis irrigating bipolar System and the Sonopet ultrasonic dissector:aspirator are all examples of the innovations delivered in the past by this group.

Now, their new company Kogent has been established in order to deliver and bring to market second generations of these technologies. The combination of relevant experience, input from leading clinicians and a proven record of technical innovation are bringing meaningful advances to each of these product areas.