Ad-Tech Long Term Monitoring (LTM) Electrodes

ad-tech-electrode-ltmAd-Tech's range of subdural grid and strip electrodes are intended to be used for the LTM, mapping and stimulating of the cortical surface for the surgical treatment of epilepsy. As each patient is unique, there are a large range of options to suit.

Grid electrodes can vary in the size and shape of the grid, along with the contact number, size, spacing and material. The grids can also come with pre-cut contour lines, allowing it to sit more flush with the cortex, and there are a variety of ways the tails can exit the mat, allowing for smaller craniotomies and/or less tunnelling tracts.

Stad-tech-electrode-striprip electrodes consist of a single line of contacts that can be slipped into burr holes, between lobes or extended from craniotomy sites.

Further variations to the strips and grids include "L" and "T" shapes, temporal lobe arrays and interhemispheric duel-sided electrodes, allowing recordings from both sides of a sinus or sulcus.

Please find information on some of the more popular configurations by contacting us .