Severn Healthcare Technologies are delighted to partner with IOPI Medical LLC and provide the Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI) product range to clinicians in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Erich Luschei, PhD founded IOPI Medical LLC in 2001 and is President of the company, his wife, Nancy, is Vice-President, and their daughter, Tara Hart, is the CEO. Dr Luschei developed the IOPI while a professor in the speech department at the University of Iowa in 1992. Erich specialized in research on the neurophysiology of oral motor control. Now retired from University activity, he still takes an active role in day to day IOPI Medical activity.

Pic1IOPI Medical is committed to designing, manufacturing, and marketing high quality instruments that are reliable, safe, and easy to use by health professionals working with patients with oral motor problems affecting swallowing and speech. IOPI Medical strives to provide excellent customer service throughout the lifetime of its products, including technical advice about the device, its uses, and relevant research and as such are perfect partners for Severn Healthcare.




IOPI: What It Does and How It Helps:

Pic 2The Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI) objectively measures:
• tongue strength and endurance 
• lip strength and endurance
These measures aid professionals involved in the treatment and study of disorders affecting swallowing, speech, and eating by: 
• objectively documenting deficits that justify treatment
• diagnostically differentiating between muscle weakness and problems of motor control
• providing biofeedback during isometric oral motor exercise programs
• motivating patients by showing them their progress from muscle exercise therapy


IOPI: Devices-Pro (Model 3.1):

The Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI) Pro (Model 3.1): Assists clinicians by facilitating an objective assessment of tongue and lip strength and endurance in patients who present with oro-motor disorders such as dysphagia and dysarthria.

Information obtained via IOPI is utilised in the development of therapy programs and in monitoring patient progress during therapy. The IOPI Pro also provides biofeedback to the patient and clinician during oro-motor exercise.

IOPI: Devices-Trainer (Model 3.2):

The Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI) Trainer (Model 3.2): Provides biofeedback to patients during oro-motor exercise of the tongue and/or lip in either the ward, clinic or home setting. All of the exercise performed on the IOPI Trainer is recorded to aid patient compliance with the oro-motor strengthening protocols.

Pic 3

The IOPI® range includes: