FAHL HME Systems

Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) cassettes are an essential part of rehabilitation after laryngectomy. They provide protection, filtration, humidification, warming and a level of resistance which helps keep all of the respiratory tract clearance mechanisms working well and optimise oxygenation of the blood.

fahl hme system new image for websiteThe Fahl range of HME cassettes includes the NEW FAHL LARYVOX® EXTRA HME range that:

  • Filters, warms and humidifies the respiratory air
  • Provides excellent filtration of airborne particles
  • Restores normal airway resistance to increase blood oxygenation
  • Reduces Mucus Production and Crusting
  • Reduces coughing, improves sleep and well-being
  • Offers an easy and hygienic method of occluding the stoma for speech if using a voice prosthesis
  • Have side openings that allow for unimpaired and easy breathing, even beneath clothing

The next generation of LARYVOX® HME offering the first HME cassette available in FOUR different resistance levels, allowing you to choose an HME cassette to match your level of activity and needs:

LARYVOX® EXTRA HME - offers the highest level of filtration and airflow resistance available.

LARYVOX® EXTRA HME Medium - offers improved filtration and moisture retention combined with a unique mid-range level of airflow resistance

LARYVOX® EXTRA HME HighFlow - an ideal option for use during periods of increased activity e.g. walking

LARYVOX® EXTRA HME Sport - An HME cassette that provides a very low respiratory resistance and is well suited for use in sporting activities

For further information on the complete range of Fahl HME cassettes, including the HUMIDOTWIN® HME for Night-time use please click on the link to our Prescription Items Booklet shown below:

Prescription Booklet & Items Table

Hands-Free HME Systems

The ability to speak freely, without needing to use a finger to occlude your stoma, is a common desire for people who have undergone laryngectomy surgery. If suitable, a Hands-Free system once fitted into your baseplate, tube or button, enables you to produce hands-free speech whilst also gaining the benefits of a Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) cassette.

fahl hands free hme graphic

Additional information on the FAHL LARYVOX® HANDS-FREE VALVE KOMBI HME system can also be found by clicking on the link to our product information literature.

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