Severn Healthcare have the pleasure of being the exclusive UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for evonos. Based in Tuttlingen Germany, evonos produce a range of products specialising in Neurosurgery. Developed in conjunction with neurosurgeons, their uniquely innovative products associated with German engineering. The products are rigorously tested to ensure that they are safe and effective. Their research and development team continue to listen and work with surgeons on the future of neurosurgery and to develop products that will benefit both surgeons and patients.

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evoDrill offers the largest size range of high-quality single-use cranial perforators on the market. There are 8 evoDrill sizes to choose from, there are four different diameters available with 1mm or 3mm steps to give the surgeon the best configuration for both thick and thin bone areas. All evoDrills are 100% end tested for function before packaging. evoDrill features a positioning tip for safe and stable drilling on uneven surfaces. The blade geometry is optimised to provide fast and controlled perforation using less effort and force.

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Product CodesDescriptions
26-000002 evoDrill single use, Ø9/6mm, 1mm, yellow
26-000003 evoDrill single use, Ø9/6mm, 3mm, yellow
26-000004 evoDrill single use, Ø11/7mm, 1mm, red
26-000005 evoDrill single use, Ø11/7mm, 3mm, red
26-000006 evoDrill single use, Ø13/9mm, 1mm, green
26-000007 evoDrill single use, Ø13/9 mm, 3mm, green
26-000008 evoDrill single use, Ø14/11mm, 1mm, blue
26-000009 evoDrill single use, Ø14/11mm, 3mm, blue

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evoFix sterile sets for cranial fixation are supplied complete with plates, screws and screwdrivers; sterilised and ready-to-use. The evoFix microplate set consists of three dog bone plates, six screws and a single use screwdriver, making it suitable for most common interventions. The burr hole set contains a fenestrated burr hole cover, five screws and the screwdriver. These sets eliminate the need for sterilising, sorting and selecting the required plates. The cleverly angled design of the case allows the components to be easily seen and the screws can be quickly mounted on the screwdriver. The integrated screwdriver sits securely on the screw head until it is fixed, so the screws cannot fall off. The plates have an integral titanium tab so that the use of additional instruments to aid placement is not necessary. Once the plate is in place, the tab can be easily and conveniently removed.

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Product CodesDescriptions
evoFix Sterile  
13-000109 Micro plate, straight2-hole, L = 11.0 mm, T = 0.6 mm
  Screw Ø 1.5 mm L = 4.0 mm, with disposable screwdriver
13-000113 Micro shunt plate Ø 22 mm, 5-hole, T = 0.6 mm
  Screw Ø 1.5 mm L = 4.0 mm, with disposable screwdriver
58-000262 evoFix. Sterile Screwdriver, single-use, sterile-packed
evoFix Spare Screws  
13-000196 evoFix Sterile Set. Consisting of 2x Micro Screw Ø=1.5mm L=4mm
13-000197 evoFix Sterile Set. Consisting of 2x Micro Screw Ø=1.8mm L=5mm


evoFrame is a sterile, single-use soft tissue retraction system. Stabilised by the use of opposing hooks, the evoFrame can be adjusted in three dimensions to provide the best possible fit. The perfect locking mechanism of the joints, the strong silicon chains and the stainless-steel hooks make it a sturdy system that you can rely on. The silicone chains can also be manually adjusted, giving the surgeon the freedom to adjust to the anatomical site as they wish. The system includes a range of these hooks which provide better visualization of the surgical site as the need of large bulky retractors becomes obsolete. The system also has application across multiple surgical specialities.    evonos produkte evoFrame evonos produkte evoFrame2


Product CodesDescriptions
48-000001 evoFrame sterile set, single use, consisting of: 1x frame, 2x single-hook, sharp, w=2mm, 2x double-hook, sharp, w=6mm, 2x double-hook, sharp, w=10mm
48-000002 evoFrame frame, single use, sterile
48-000014 evoFrame single-hook, blunt, l=23mm, w=2mm, single use, pu=10 (5x2pcs), sterile
48-000015 evoFrame double-hook, blunt, l=23mm, w=6mm, single use, pu=10 (5x2pcs), sterile
48-000016 evoFrame double-hook, blunt, l=23mm, w=6mm, single use, pu=10 (5x2pcs), sterile
48-000018 evoFrame single-hook, sharp, l=23mm, w=2mm, single use, pu=10 (5x2pcs), sterile
48-000019 evoFrame double-hook, sharp, l=23mm, w=6mm, single use, pu=10 (5x2pcs), sterile
48-000020 evoFrame double-hook, sharp, l=23mm, w=10mm, single use, pu=10 (5x2pcs), sterile
48-000021 evoFrame fish-hook, sharp, l=34mm, w=13mm, single use, pu=10 (5x2pcs), sterile

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evoClip scalp haemostatic clips are designed to be attached to the scalp flap so that the blood is stopped during a craniotomy.

These strong and easy to apply clips mean bleeding can be checked quickly and easily. The atraumatic design and constant closing pressure make evoClips safe and effective and they are compatible with most clip forceps. evoClip forceps are also available.

evonos evoclip clipsevonos evoclip clips

Product CodesDescriptions
48-000029 EvoClip scalp clips, single-use sterile, 200pcs/pack
58-000264 EvoClip Applying Forceps, 16cm

Please visit the Evonos website to see their full range of products for the Neurosurgeon. Evonos Website