FAHL LARYNGOTEC Laryngectomy Tubes

  • The shape of the LARYNGOTEC® laryngectomy tubes offer an optimal seal around the tracheostoma.
  • Ideal for patients with narrowing of the tracheostoma (stomal stenosis) or for those who are unable to tolerate base plates.
  • The LARYNGOTEC® KOMBI laryngectomy tubes accommodate a HME cassette or Hands-Free system.
  • Facilitate early use of a Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) cassette and consequently pulmonary rehabilitation in the post-operative patient.
  • Help to maintain pulmonary rehabilitation, through use of a HME cassette during radiotherapy treatment.
  • The LARYNGOTEC® LINGO version, has numerous tiled fenestrations, designed to reduce the potential for tracheal irritation and granulation tissue formation and facilitate voice when used in conjunction with a voice prosthesis.
  • The LARYNGOTEC® KOMBI LINGO CLIP version has a ring below the neck flange, which enables it to be worn with an adhesive base plate and is the tube of choice for use with a Hands-Free system.


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