Exciting news! 'THE INHEALTH EXPERIENCE' returns!

Focusing on tracheoesophageal puncture, voice prosthesis management & post laryngectomy rehabilitation.
This free virtual introductory course is a valuable resource for SLTs & clinical specialists who are new to working with laryngectomised patients.

Register by Mar 28 👉 http://tinyurl.com/565vdr8f


Incredibly insightful time at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham during squamous cell carcinoma support day on February 8th.
Fantastic talks from Mr Knanckerville, Mr Hussey and Mr Sharma.
The invaluable support Bonss Medical and InHealth Technologies provide with their medical equipment was emphasised.

Squamous Cell carcinoma support day1  Squamous Cell carcinoma support day2 Squamous Cell carcinoma support day4 Squamous Cell carcinoma support day5

Our ENT Midlands area manager Scott Shipley supporting a micro course at Leicester Royal Infirmary on Tuesday 23rd January. The benefits of the Synovis Microsuture and Coupler uncovered!

Leicester Royal infirmary micro course 23rd Jan Leicester Royal infirmary micro course 23rd Jan2 Leicester Royal infirmary micro course 23rd Jan3 Leicester Royal infirmary micro course 23rd Jan5 Leicester Royal infirmary micro course 23rd Jan6

We are excited to bring to your attention an invaluable free of charge learning opportunity, tailored for Speech & Language Therapists, who are either using or considering the Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI) in their practice.


This 30 minute course summarises recent findings related to IOPI. 

The participants will:

  • Identify levels of evidence
  • Identify the role of IOPI in detecting dysphagia in people with ALS
  • List factors that cause sarcopenia
  • Explain the treatment rationale for sleep apnea


Please see the course agenda below.


The course is provided by Ed M. Bice, M.Ed., CCC-SLP.


 Ed has been an invited speaker on various topics in dysphagia, both nationally and internationally.
He has served as an invited reviewer for the American Speech Language and Hearing Association Adult Dysphagia Practice Portal, which guides speech and language therapists treating swallowing across the United States.

Ed has been a guest on national and international dysphagia podcasts, has written blogs concerning dysphagia-related topics for internationally recognized Dysphagia Cafe, and has numerous peer-reviewed publications.
As adjunct faculty, he teaches graduate-level swallowing courses at the University of Maryland.


This course is available up until 14th February 2025


For special accommodations, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Chris Eaton (North West Senior Area Manager) and Allie Croasdale (SLT) attending the first Laryngectomy club of 2024, held by the famous ‘Oldham Quiet Ones’ group on Saturday 6th January.

Lary club 6th Jan 24 a Lary club 6th Jan 24 c Lary club 6th Jan 24 d

 A fantastic and engaging meeting, with many in attendance, and lots of discussions and conversations around the new and exciting products from Severn Healthcare including:  

Day&Night HME   daynight_hme.png
SpeakFree HME  SpeakFree_front_with_crossbar_online.png
Fit series baseplates  baseplates_fit_series.png

On Thursday 4th January, there was Burr hole training at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, led by consultant Dr Huma Sethi. Demonstrating evodrill perforator, evofix cranial fixation, Redura dural patch and Kogent slimline Bipolar forceps.

image 4th Jan 2024

On Friday 15th December our Senior Area Manager Chris Kasbia and Clinical Specialist Menna joined the Bristol laryngectomy club for their annual Christmas dinner celebrations in Southmead Rugby Club.
It was great day, with lots of festive fun and a chance to chat to patients about their experiences. Wonderful to see patients using Day&Night and Speakfree HMEs and reporting positive feedback.

Bristol Laryngetcomy club Bristol Laryngetcomy cluba .Bristol Laryngetcomy clube

Bristol Laryngetcomy clubf Bristol Laryngetcomy clubg Bristol Laryngetcomy clubc

On Wednesday 6th December our Clinical Specialists Paula and Allie organised an unforgettable Ladies Day event in Leeds.

The atmosphere was nothing short of fabulous as attendees immersed themselves in the enriching experience we had curated.

During the event, attendees received an exclusive insight into cutting-edge medical equipment from InHealth Technologies, designed to help laryngectomees. This included Hydrofit, Accufit, the revolutionary SpeakFree and Day&Night HMEs, as well as other products.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to making this Ladies Day event a memorable occasion. 


ladies day ladies day0 ladies day3 ladies day4 ladies_day14.jpg

ladies day10 ladies day11 ladies day12 ladies day6 ladies day7