Severn Healthcare believes that a dispensing appliance contractor (DAC) should be independent from any manufacturer, to ensure true impartiality in the supply of appliances and services to patients. With this in mind, Severn Healthcare is delighted to have partnered with Patient Choice, Fittleworth, Kapitex Homecare and with Homecare from NWOS. 

Severn Healthcare Technologies are proud to introduce the new Blom-Singer® FitSeries Adhesive Housings range from InHealth Technologies®. Available on prescription from 1st February 2021.

InHealth Technologies® are one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of advanced voice restoration systems, dedicated to the development of innovative products to meet the needs of the larygectomee community.

2021 sees the launch of the FitSeries Adhesive Housings in the UK and Ireland. These lightweight, flexible, single-use disposable baseplates are designed to truly meet the skin and stoma requirements of the larygectomee community.

They are desgined to work with:

  • Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) cassettes
  • Hands-Free systems e.g., ATSV II
  • Shower guards attachments


AccuFit® and HydroFit® Adhesive Housings are available in three shapes to help you find your best fit.

Hydrofit logo

hydrofit 3 shapes

NEW HydroFit® Adhesive Housings - a hydrocolloid adhesive baseplate made with a protective gel-like layer and a moisture-absorbent adhesive.

HydroFit® - Your best fit for:

  • Post-Operative HME application - creates a moist environment for optimised healing
  • Those undergoing / following radiation treatment
  • Those with sensitive skin conditions
  • Light exercise, humid conditions, or situations where mild perspiration is experienced
  • Available on Prescription from February 1st 2021
  • Take a look: Video Link

 Accufit logo

accufit 3 shapes

NEW AccuFit® Adhesive Housings - designed to be our strongest adhesive option while still maintaining flexibility. It has increased elasticity and is less prone to tearing.

AccuFit® - Your best fit for:

  • A better, more long-lasting baseplate seal
  • The majority of peristomal anatomies
  • HME cassette and Hands-Free HME use
  • Available on Prescription from February 1st 2021
  • Take a look: Video Link  

Axis Medical Acquisition

On the 1st January 2020 Severn Healthcare acquired Axis Medical Ltd. Axis Medical were the supplier of the following innovative product ranges:

Severn is delighted to be partnering with Grace Medical, a world leader in products for the otological surgeon.  Examples of Grace Medical innovations are Triune vent tubes; the family of ossicular prostheses that include the Alto, the Kraus K-Helix and the Frisbee; the family of stapes prostheses that includes the Eclipse piston; the EndoEar range of integrated suction dissectors, curved suckers and high definition endoscopes.

Grace Medical’s core values can be summed up as Innovation Quality Customer Care : Integrity : Reliability

Severn are committed to delivering all of those to our UK and Ireland customers.

Severn is delighted to be partnering with Invotec International, a world class supplier of instruments and devices for ENT and Plastic surgery.

Invotec supply a wide range of superior quality products at best value prices.

Grace MedicalInvotec Logo

Severn Healthcare Technologies are proud to introduce the new Blom-Singer® StomaSoft™ HME-compatible Laryngectomy Tube range from InHealth Technologies. Now available on prescription.

V2 Stomasoft

The StomaSoft™ laryngectomy tubes are made of soft, flexible silicone and are ideal for patients at risk of tracheostoma narrowing (stomal stenosis) or for those who are unable to tolerate an adhesive baseplate. They are designed to provide an optimal seal around the tracheostoma and to be used in conjunction with a Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) cassette e.g. the Blom-Singer® ClassicFlow® HME System or a Hands-Free system such as the Blom-Singer® ATSV II.

StomaSoft™ laryngectomy tubes can be used in the hospital setting, facilitating early use of a Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) cassette and consequently pulmonary rehabilitation in the post-operative patient.

StomaSoft™ laryngectomy tubes can also help to maintain pulmonary rehabilitation, through use of a HME cassette during radiotherapy treatment.

Features of StomaSoft™ laryngectomy tubes include:

  • Size 8, size 9, size 10 and size 12
  • Available in two lengths (36mm and 55mm)
  • Designed with a reinforced strap holder
  • Compatible with InHealth Technologies’ HME systems and accessories
  • Available with or without fenestrations


This video introduces the new stereotaxy vantage system from Elekta.


Introducing the 22 Fr. Gel Cap from InHealth® Technologies

Gel Cap

The 22 Fr. Blom-Singer® Replacement Gel Cap for gel cap insertion is here! The gel cap insertion method to permit ease of prosthesis insertion has been a bedrock of the Blom-Singer® voice prosthesis product line. In response to the feedback from our valued customers, we now offer gel caps in a wide variety of sizes including 16Fr, 18Fr, 20Fr, and now 22Fr.


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