Blom-Singer®Voice Restoration System

In 1978, Dr. Singer and Blom pioneered the methods of tracheoesophageal puncture and valved silicone voice prostheses that over the past 30 years have become the international standard for voice restoration, allowing thousands of patients worldwide to regain their ability to speak. By creating a small surgical passage just inside the stoma, from the back wall of the trachea into the oesophageal wall, a voice prosthesis can be placed into this passage to enable tracheoesophageal speech. Voice is produced by temporarily blocking the stoma so that exhaled air from the lungs can be directed from the trachea through the prosthesis into the oesophagus and then out through the mouth. Fluent, conversational speech may be acquired within just a few days.

Blom-Singer® voice prostheses are available as patient-maintained (ex: Duckbill, Low Pressure) or clinician-maintained (ex: Indwelling). Standard products are designed to accommodate most anatomies; special order product size/styles are also available.  An overview of the standard Blom-Singer® Voice Restoration System products are outlined below, please see the product catalogue for the full range of products available, including the Blom-Singer® HME and Inhealth Product Catalogue.

Clinician-placed Indwelling Voice Prostheses

The Blom-Singer® Indwelling voice prostheses are designed to be placed by clinicians only & are ideally suited for laryngectomees who are unable or unwilling to routinely remove, clean, and reinsert a patient-changeable voice prosthesis.

Blom-Singer® Indwelling voice prostheses are available in four product styles and offered in nonsterile or sterile, and with or without silver oxide (anti-fungal substance). Nonsterile product is not intended for primary placement procedures.

Blom-Singer Indwelling Voice ProsthesesNonsterileSterileSilver Oxide
CLASSIC, 16 & 20 Fr.  
ADVANTAGE (Hard Valve Assembly) 20 Fr.  
ADVANTAGE (Soft Valve Assembly) 16 & 20 Fr.  

*Silver oxide, a known anti-fungal substance, has been incorporated into the prosthesis as a material preservative. This feature may eliminate or reduce the need for anti-fungal agents such as Nystatin for some users, but not for others.

Blom-Singer® CLASSIC™ Indwelling Voice Prostheses

NEW VRSSince its introduction in 1994, the Blom-Singer® Classic Indwelling voice prosthesis has been a premier voice restoration product for laryngectomees worldwide. The Classic indwelling is intended for laryngectomees who are unable or reluctant to perform the routine removal and insertion necessary for the cleaning and maintenance of traditional, patient-maintained voice prostheses, such as the Duckbill or Low Pressure styles. The Classic Indwelling voice prosthesis is clinician placed; it is inserted and replaced on an as needed basis by a trained clinician (for example a Speech & Language Therapist, Clinical Nurse Specialist or ENT Consultant) only. It is available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Introducing the FIRST ever 16 Fr. Indwelling Voice Prosthesis!

According to Eric D. Blom, Ph.D.,* he considers the use of a 16 Fr. Indwelling voice prosthesis in the following circumstances:

  • As the initial voice prosthesis following tracheoesophageal puncture.
  • Patients who have questionably healthy tracheoesophageal wall tissue, i.e., post-radiation or chemo-radiation therapy, poorly controlled diabetes, or others in who dilating the puncture to 20 Fr. or larger seems unwarranted.
  • Patients with a smaller diameter tracheostoma that will not comfortably accommodate a 20 Fr. or larger diameter prosthesis.
  • Patients with a thin tracheoesophageal wall, i.e., 6mm or less.

* Eric D. Blom, Ph.D. of CENTA – The Center for Ears, Nose, Throat & Allergy, Indianapolis, has many years of clinical experience in Surgical Voice Restoration.

Blom-Singer® CLASSIC™ Indwelling Voice Prostheses – Sterile Series

Available for primary TEP placement procedures in both 16 Fr. and 20 Fr. diameters, 8 mm—14 mm.  Can be used in conjunction with the new Blom-Singer® Voice Prosthesis Placement Surgical Kit


Blom-Singer® ADVANTAGE® Indwelling Voice Prosthesis



The ADVANTAGE indwelling voice prosthesis is an advancement in Blom-Singer® voice restoration. Silver oxide has been incorporated into the prosthesis as a material preservative. Like the Classic indwelling prosthesis the ADVANTAGE is placed by the clinician in the tracheoesophageal puncture so that routine changing of a voice prosthesis is unnecessary. It is ideal for laryngectomees who are unable or resistant to changing an exdwelling voice prosthesis. The ADVANTAGE is inserted and replaced on an as needed basis by a clinician only.

VRS 3The ADVANTAGE prosthesis is available in two diameter sizes, 16 Fr. and 20 Fr., and a range of lengths from 4 mm to 22 mm.  The box includes a nonsterile voice prosthesis for secondary/replacement procedures & insertion/cleaning accessories.


Patient Changeable Voice Prostheses



Blom-Singer® Duckbill Voice Prostheses

The Duckbill is a patient-changeable, one-way slit valve prosthesis that the patient may insert, remove, clean and reinsert.

Blom-Singer® Low Pressure Voice Prostheses

The Low Pressure is a patient-changeable, one-way valve prosthesis that the patient may insert, remove, clean and reinsert.

 VRS 5


Blom-Singer® Dual Valve™ Indwelling Voice Prosthesis – Nonsterile

When the primary valve fails due to Candida (yeast) colonisation, the secondary speech valve is intended to remain viable to help prevent leakage of fluids.
VRS 6New Dual Valve with large esophageal and tracheal flanges can help reduce leakage through and around the valve.

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