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Radio Frequency Plasma Surgical Electrodes - The Minimally-Invasive Solution in Your Hand


A5876 - Tonsil Blator Plus

Tip dimension: 6.00mm

 A5876 Tonsil Blator Plus


A8873 - Tonsil Blator HP

Tip dimension: 4.2mm

A8873 Tonsil Blator HP


A8872T - Tonsil Blator Max

Tip dimension: 3.8mm

A8872T Tonsil Blator Max.png WEBSITE


  • Bipolar and Multi-polar Technology
  • Various bipolar and multipolar electrode designs are available.
  • Rapid resection, ablation, coagulation and haemostasis of soft tissues.
  • It provides resection, haemostasis, ablation, coagulation, irrigation and suction capabilities in one versatile single-use device.
  • Designed for precise soft tissue ablation and controlled haemostasis.
  • Particular design to avoid the narrow surgical vision problem caused by small oropharyngeal cavity.
  • Designed for controlled removal of laryngeal hypertrophy and tough tissues which are subject to benign or malignant pathological changes.
  • The extended and small-diameter flexible shaft design makes it much easier for surgeons to access the target tissue for aggressive ablation while maintaining the optimal surgical vision.


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BONSS Catalogue 2022


Tonsil Blator-HP Product Display




ARS700 Radio Frequency Plasma Surgical System


Monitor image croppedMonitor 1 image


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BONSS System Set-Up


Systematic Working Mode:

Two working modes:

ABLATE for resection and ablation activated at Yellow control panel and Yellow foot pedal. COAG for coagulation and haemostasis activated at Blue control panel and Blue foot pedal.

Adjustable Coagulation Capability
Enhanced coagulation mode can improve haemostasis capability while providing clear surgical vision.

Intelligent Control System
Designed with automatic identification of electrodes, foot switch and power supply, which are displayed respectively on the device control panel, and automatic default power output value for different electrode designs.

Automatic Protection
The electrical circuit system can constantly monitor power output and automatically suspend power output when there is instantaneous peak current. For example, it will automatically suspend radio frequency output when electrode contacts or is close to metal, and automatically resumes work after electrode has returned to a proper distance.



Ordering Information:

Product CodesDescriptions
Plasma Surgical Electrodes  
A5876 Tonsil-Blator Plus
A8872T Tonsil-Blator Max
A8873 Tonsil-Blator HP
A4845S TurbinEx-C
 A7171 LarynMax
 ARS700  Radio Frequency Plasma Surgical System