Grace Medical Ventilation Tubes

Ventilation Tubes

Grace Medical uses a proprietary cold mould injection process when manufacturing silicone vent tubes. Cold mould injection produces small silicone products with a highly complex moulded geometry, minimal flash and a mirror surface finish. The smoother surface, created by the silicone curing from the inside out, provides less area for bacteria adhesion.



Triune Tube



The patented Triune ventilation tube was designed to address complications of the standard long term T-Tubes, specifically perforations. The three flanges help to keep the tube in perpendicular relationship to the eardrum. This feature restricts unnecessary erosion of TM tissues. Each of the three flanges are also angled to contour to the TM which further prevents trauma to the TM tissue. Studies show a 3.0% perforation rate compared to 16.6% for standard long term T-Tubes. . 
  • 3.0% perforation rate
  • Easy insertion with standard forceps
  • Soft angled flanges contour to the TM
  • Three flanges hold the tube perpendicular to the TM
  • Features Grace Medical Cold Mold Manufacturing Technology

Tiny Triune



The proven Triune design is also available in a smaller size tube with a 0.76mm lumen.  The Tiny Triune can be used as a short term tube on adults that experience barotrauma or are suffering from eustachian tube dysfunction with no relief from nasal steroids.
Tiny Triune thumb7

 Triune Trumpet



Building on the success of the original Triune tube, the Triune Trumpet was developed.  The Trumpet features the same unique 3 flange design as the original Triune and can be used as a primary tube. The 1.27mm lumen is tapered to reduce trauma of the TM. The lateral funnel shaped flange facilitates removal of an occlusion should one occur.  


Product Codes


Product CodesDescriptions
500-001 Bobbin Type, 1.02mm, Blue Titanium
500-011 Bobbin Type, 1.14mm, Blue Titanium
500-021 Bobbin Type, 1.27mm , Blue Titanium
500-031 Spoon Bobbin Type, 1.02mm , Blue Titanium
500-041 Spoon Bobbin Type, 1.14mm , Blue Titanium
500-051 Spoon Bobbin Type,1.27mm, Blue Titanium
500-061 Paediatric Bobbin, 0.78mm, Blue Titanium
500-081 Simon-Hannah Bobbin, 1.14mm , Gold Titanium
500-131 Moretz Tube, 1.27mm, Blue Titanium
510-121 Triune Tube, 1.35mm, 5mm long, silicone
510-122 Triune Tube, 1.35mm, 5mm long, silicone
510-251 Tiny Triune Tube, 0.76mm, 5mm long, silicone
510-301 Triune Trumpet, 1.27mm, silicone
930-001 Lance-Adult flat blade angled w/handle
930-011 Tympanoplasty blade, angled 2.5mm wide
930-017 10cm Handle for flat stock blade


Product CodesDescriptions
901 Malleus Measuring Rod
905 ALTO Sliding Measuring Device
910 ALTO Cutter
915 ALTO Malleable Titanium Measuring Rod
966 Molded Otologic Sizers
930-008 Tympanoplasty Blade, Straight 2.5mm Wide
930-022 Lance - Adult flat blade angled, no handle
990-001 Cartilage Microtome
990-002 Cartilage Microtome Blades