Ad-Tech Medical

Severn Healthcare Technologies is the exclusive UK distributor of Ad-Tech Medical.

In 1983 Ad-Tech began making electrodes to help treat intractable epilepsy, and they've been considered the "gold standard" in long-term monitoring electrodes ever since. About 1 in 100 people in the UK have epilepsy, a condition simply defined as two or more seizures suffered within a two year period. 70% of these people can control their seizures with anti-epileptic drugs, however some others may undergo surgical intervention to have the area of the brain where the seizure originates removed or disconnected.


Ad-Tech electrodes are arranged into grids and strips, and were originally designed to lay on the surface of the brain to help localise the focus of the seizure. Over the last 30 years Ad-Tech's innovation has expanded the range of electrodes to include grids and strips with specialised shapes and contact configuration, depth electrodes specially designed for sEEG and recording of individual neurons, and intraoperative electrodes to help tailor the resection of lesions in eloquent areas of the brain and the spinal cord. In addition to constantly updating the variety of electrodes available, the coming year will see Ad-Tech continue to press forward by introducing an innovative wireless monitoring system that will replace current LTM* technology.

With 30 years of making electrodes behind them, we're confident that Ad-Tech will have the electrode that you're looking for. Please contact your local Severn representative for further details.