Ad-Tech Connection Systems

All LTM electrodes have a tail with terminals that correspond to the contacts that have been implanted within or on the brain. In order to get their signal to the computer that will record the data a connection system is needed. Ad-Tech offer two easy-to-use connection systems that can do this. Both systems are 1.8 meters in length, terminate in standard 1.5 DIN safety socket connectors, are non-sterile/reusable and available in a quick-disconnect variation.

Tech-Attach – a low profile, two-piece connection system where the tail is placed in a separately-purchased block before being attached to the cable pins.

Cabrio – a one-piece connection system with a rotational block.

Please get in contact with your local Severn representative to discuss further options such as sterile, ribbon and "Y" splitter cable options by following this link.