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Company Mission

The Romet company aim is to continuously innovate product designs; delivering superior Electronic Larynx devices to the Laryngectomee community.


The founder’s father was a Laryngectomee, which inspired him to set out on a mission to assist Laryngectomees to have a voice. ROMET was established in 1979 with the introduction of the first ROMET Electronic Larynx. Over the years the ROMET product line has evolved through materials and technological innovations whilst maintaining a reputation for product quality and customer support.


Today ROMET create, manufacture, market, and service their product line in full accordance with ISO Standards. ROMET received Full CE 93/42EEC Directives Certification in 2011. The result of ROMET’s technology, design, and ISO and CE certification compliance speak for themselves. ROMET provides the highest quality electronic larynx and enjoy setting the benchmark for performance and customer service.

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