InHealth Technologies Ltd

InHealth Technologies® develops, manufactures, and distributes Blom-Singer® voice restoration and ENT products worldwide. Dedicated to the voice restoration market for over 40 years, the company’s hallmark continues to be product design dedicated to patient health, safety and comfort.

In 1978, Dr. Singer and Blom pioneered the methods of tracheoesophageal puncture and valved silicone voice prostheses that over the past 30 years have become the international standard for voice restoration following laryngectomy surgery, allowing thousands of patients worldwide to regain their ability to speak. InHealth Technologies, through their market leading Blom-Singer range, has a long history of innovative product development and are dedicated to putting the needs of the laryngectomee community first, so that they can improve the quality of their daily lives. We are proud to provide their industry leading products to aid speech and breathing following total laryngectomy surgery, including the Blom-Singer® voice prostheses range and accessories, the NEW Fit Series (HydroFit & AccuFit) Baseplate Range and the Blom-Singer ClassicFlow™ and EasyFlow™ HME.