Blom-Singer® Hands-Free HMEs

NEW HANDS FREE NEWBlom-Singer® ATSV II Valve Body and Diaphragm/Faceplate
BE 8025H:

The adjustable Tracheostoma Valve II (ATSV II) is a hands-free device that consists of two pieces: a Diaphragm/Faceplate and Body. The easy assembled two-piece valve can be easily inserted into an adhesive baseplate housing, applied to the skin surrounding the stoma. The Diaphragm/Faceplate is available separately. 


Replacement Foam FiltersBlom-Singer® HumidiFilter® ATSV II Cap and 7 Foam Filters
BE 1010:

The ATSV II HumidiFilter® Cap is a twist-on plastic filter cap that fits over the ATSV II hands-free system. It is designed to provide the laryngectomee with warmed, humidified, and filtered air during pulmonary exchange. Comes with seven HumidiFilter® foam filters. (For use with ATSV II only). 



Blom-Singer® Replacement Foam Filters (for ATSV II users)
BE 1030:

Specially treated foam discs that fit ONLY with the HumidiFilter® ATSV II hands-free Cap (BE 1010).