Blom-Singer® Hands-Free HMEs


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It's simple. Your HME and hands free speaking valve, all in one.

Blom-Singer® SpeakFree™ HME Hands Free Valve is the first heat and moisture exchange (HME) cartridge with a single-use fully integrated adjustable hands free valve.


Choose Your Flow and Go!

Two simple choices for your breathability. ClassicFlow® or EasyFlow®.


ClassicFlowSpeakFree optionEasyFlowSpeakFree option



• Choose your flow and go. Two simple choices for your breathability. ClassicFlow® or EasyFlow®.

• Truly innovative. One adjustable valve with hands free speech that adjusts from light to extra strong.

• Freedom of choice. Attaches to Blom-Singer® adhesive housings or a Blom-Singer® StomaSoft® Laryngectomy Tube.


One hands free valve is an alternative to multiple competitor devices.


SpeakFree graph

One SpeakFree™ HME cartridge can be adjusted to do the work of multiple hands free competitor devices.

A SpeakFree™ HME all-in-one cartridge can be adjusted from as little as 45 litres of air to as much as 115 litres of air to attenuate the speaking valve.


Translucent Design Lets You Shine

A translucent, natural-looking HME that compliments more skin tones.


Examples of Translucent Design


Watch the Demonstration Video

Learn how simple it is to use the SpeakFree™ HME Hands Free Valve. SpeakFree allows you the ease of speaking hands free while giving you the control to adjust the valve to fit your needs and lifestyle while also giving you the option to occlude manually.




Classic Easy Flow table


Additional information on the NEW Blom-Singer® SpeakFree™ HME Hands Free Valve can also be found by clicking on the link below.

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For further information on the Blom-Singer® SpeakFree™ HME Hands Free Valve, please click on the link to our Prescription Items Booklet and table shown below.

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