Blom-Singer® HME Systems

Introducing the Blom-Singer ClassicFlow and new Blom-Singer EasyFlow HME cassettes. Both help ensure that you breathe humidified, filtered, and warmed air.

Research shows that long-term HME use results in:

  • Less mucus (1)
  • Less coughing (1)
  • Less risk of shortness of breath, fatigue, sleep problems, anxiety, and depression (1,2)

The Blom-Singer® ClassicFlow® HME

classic flow

Breathe healthy day and night - ClassicFlow helps assure you breathe warmed, filtered, and humidified air—all day, every day—to reduce respiratory symptoms after a total laryngectomy.
ClassicFlow is designed for increased moisture retention and resistance.

The new Blom-Singer® EasyFlow® HME

easy flow graphic 1  hme easyflowfinger open 003

Breathe easier at work or play. With EasyFlow, you can breathe a little easier. Its foam filter is more porous than the ClassicFlow. This allows you to breathe more freely to match your activity level and pulmonary needs.

ent blom singer inhealth graph for hme s

Both share unique advantages:

  • MucusShield™ helps protect the foam filter.
    With other HMEs, if mucus gets on the filter, the efficiency of the filter is reduced. Not so with Blom-Singer HMEs. The MucusShield technology guards the foam filter from direct contact with mucus to help enhance efficiency.
  • EasyTouch™ speech button makes speaking easier.
    When you want to talk, press the EasyTouch speech button to seal the valve and speak easily. Upon release, the EasyTouch returns to its open, breathing position.
  • 24/7 heat and moisture exchange.
    Blom-Singer ClassicFlow and EasyFlow HMEs are “daily-disposable,” 24-hour-use devices. You simply put on a new one each day, and the benefits continue through the night.

Also available:

Blom-Singer® HumidiFilter™ System


HumidiFilter is the simple, cost-effective alternative for heat and moisture exchange. Simply place a new filter once a day into the holder to get the benefits of wearing an HME. The holder is reusable and designed for daytime use.

For further information on the Blom-Singer® HME options, please click on the link to our Prescription Items Booklet shown below.

Prescription Booklet & Items Table

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