Blom-Singer® HME Systems

ClassicFlowBlom-Singer® ClassicFlow HME
BE 1055EZ: 

Breathe healthy day or night

ClassicFlow helps assure you breathe warmed, filtered and humidified air - all day, every day - to reduce respiratory symptoms after a total laryngectomy. ClassicFlow is designed for increased moisture retention and resistance. 

Key Features:

  • Side vented
  • EasyTouch closure system for ease of speech for valve users
  • Mucus shield technology to protect the HME filter and reduce the number of HME filter cassettes required


Blom Singer HumidiFilter HolderBlom-Singer® HumidiFilter® Holder
BE 1060:

A Re-usable holder for HumidiFilter® HME foam filters.

Key Features:

  • Front vented system
  • Closure for speech achieved with a light finger occlusion 

HumidiFilter  Blom-Singer® HumidiFilter® Holder Foam Filters
  BE 1080:

  Specially treated foam discs that fit ONLY with the HumidiFilter® Holder (BE 1060). These filters do NOT fit    with the ATSV II hands-free system.