We attended the National Practical Course in Paediatric Otolaryngology (NPCPO) at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool on July 28th.

See pictures of this event below, including Ms Kong (in pink) doing an intracapsular strawberry dissection and the benefits of BONSS Medical equipment being highlighted.

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The BONSS Advert which you can see in the image above is also posted in full down below. You can click on an image to increase it's size. 

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Find out how purrfect the Katz Extractor is at removing foreign bodies from your nose and ears by clicking the image below.


We were at the Royal Devon and Exeter - South West Ent Registrar Training Day.
Special thanks to Mr George Barrett for help with the hands on puncture training session.

See images of this training day below.

IMG_20220714_091222.thumb.jpg.27122b9e2e027e6e07e76837f6e66c05.jpg IMG_20220714_152201.thumb.jpg.589c04f3702469d1b3f082aae00e5149.jpg IMG_20220714_152147.thumb.jpg.2177d3136c7a34c40071ca978a8f20a5.jpg IMG_20220714_184028.thumb.jpg.63c58ce6b37cb02bb2bead2b9ed8904c.jpg Image

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We are sponsoring the British Skull Base Society Meeting (BSBS2022) which is being held at the Barbican Centre in London on Thursday 30th June and Friday 1st July 2022.

See an image below of our North London and Essex Area Manager, Matthew Roberts, at the BSBS2022 alongside our South London and South East Area Manager, Paul Lomax.


Available on presciption from 01/03/2022!

It's simple. Your HME and hands free speaking valve, all in one. Blom-Singer® SpeakFree™ HME Hands Free Valve is the first heat and moisture exchange (HME) cartridge with a single-use fully integrated adjustable hands free valve.

SpeakFree front with crossbar online


• Choose your flow and go. Two simple choices for your breathability. ClassicFlow® or EasyFlow®.

• Truly innovative. One adjustable valve with hands free speech that adjusts from light to extra strong.

• Freedom of choice. Attaches to Blom-Singer® adhesive housings or a Blom-Singer® StomaSoft® Laryngectomy Tube.

 InHealth Technologies® are one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of advanced HME systems, dedicated to the development of innovative products to meet the needs of the larygectomee community.

Severn Healthcare believes that a dispensing appliance contractor (DAC) should be independent from any manufacturer, to ensure true impartiality in the supply of appliances and services to patients. With this in mind, Severn Healthcare is delighted to have partnered with Patient Choice, Fittleworth, Kapitex Homecare and with Homecare from NWOS. 

Available on prescription from 1st February 2021.

InHealth Technologies® are one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of advanced voice restoration systems, dedicated to the development of innovative products to meet the needs of the larygectomee community.

2021 sees the launch of the FitSeries Adhesive Housings in the UK and Ireland. These lightweight, flexible, single-use disposable baseplates are designed to truly meet the skin and stoma requirements of the larygectomee community.

They are desgined to work with:

  • Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) cassettes
  • Hands-Free systems e.g., ATSV II
  • Shower guards attachments

On the 1st January 2020 Severn Healthcare acquired Axis Medical Ltd. Axis Medical were the supplier of the following innovative product ranges:

Severn is delighted to be partnering with Grace Medical, a world leader in products for the otological surgeon.  Examples of Grace Medical innovations are Triune vent tubes; the family of ossicular prostheses that include the Alto, the Kraus K-Helix and the Frisbee; the family of stapes prostheses that includes the Eclipse piston; the EndoEar range of integrated suction dissectors, curved suckers and high definition endoscopes.

Grace Medical’s core values can be summed up as Innovation Quality Customer Care : Integrity : Reliability

Severn are committed to delivering all of those to our UK and Ireland customers.


Severn is delighted to be partnering with Invotec International, a world class supplier of instruments and devices for ENT and Plastic surgery.

Invotec supply a wide range of superior quality products at best value prices.


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