MedPrin Biotech

Severn Healthcare Technologies Ltd have a range of dural substitutes which are manufactured by MedPrin Biotech, a company specialising in the development and manufacture of regenerative medicine materials and implantable medical devices.

Forming part of our comprehensive cranial closure range of products, we have two dural patches in the portfolio, allowing the surgeon to choose between a fully synthetic patch and one containing collagen.

ReDura™ is a biomimetic, absorbable and 100% synthetic dural substitute. Made of PLLA, a well proven and researched synthetic material, it is designed to promote the rapid repair and regeneration of the dura following open cranial surgery.

ReDura™ has excellent handling characteristics and the structure of the patch closely mimics that of the natural extracellular matrix (ECM), thus providing a favourable environment for dural cell migration, proliferation and growth. During the healing phase, the product provides a watertight barrier, preventing the leakage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and its associated complications. Unlike some other dural substitutes, ReDura™ does not swell.

The product can be placed as an inlay, an onlay or can be sutured into position, depending on surgeon preference.

NeoDura™ is a new addition to the range. It has a similar composition to ReDura™ but with the addition of 20% collagen for those surgeons who prefer a collagen-based dural substitute.

NeoDura™ shares many of the key features of ReDura™ but with the added advantage of improved conformity to the dura combined with a high mechanical strength. The collagen component means that it also has enhanced resorption characteristics. Like ReDura™, the product also acts as an adhesion barrier between the brain and the skull.

In addition to cranial closure, both products also have applications in spinal surgery for the repair of spinal dural defects.