Severn Healthcare Technologies Ltd are proud to be in partnership with BiosCompass, manufacturers of AntiAD® adhesion control barrier gel. We are their exclusive distributor for AntiAD® in the UK and Republic of Ireland.  


AntiAD® is a unique offering for neurosurgeons with a spinal interest, orthopaedic spine surgeons, hand and plastic surgeons and is designed as a prophylactic solution for the prevention of perineural, peridural and peritendinous adhesions.

Adhesions can compress and tether tissues and adjacent structures leading to reduced range of motion, pain and possible tendon/nerve damage. Subsequent surgeries are also much more challenging in the presence of fibrotic (scar) tissue. AntiAD® therefore acts as a physical barrier to the deposition of fibroblasts while promoting healing at the same time.

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AntiAD® is a transparent and highly viscous, biocompatible, resorbable and flowing gel. It is:

  • 100% synthetic Hyaluronic Acid
  • Has no animal derived components
  • Acts as an adhesion barrier
  • Promotes healing and restored flexibility

The active component of AntiAD® is an auto-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is one of the main components of human connective tissue and of epithelial and mesothelial tissues. The auto-cross linking gives the HA more viscosity and an extended degradation time (14 days), meaning that it stays where it is applied and remains there during the critical phase of healing (3-6 days) when fibroblast deposition is most active. 

AntiAD® TN (1ml) is a presentation for use in the hand/extremities and comes with a straight needle adaptor for ease of application around tendons and nerves.

AntiAD® SP (3ml) is indicated for use in the spine and comes with a curved, bayonet style adaptor specially designed for use in the lumbar spine.

The consistency of the gel and the specific applicators included in each presentation allow a precise and even coating of AntiAD® around the tendons/nerves whilst preventing application of the gel to areas where it is not needed.

The product is presented in cost effective, sterile kits ready for use straight from the pack.