Ad-Tech Disposable Brain Biopsy Needles

ad-tech-brain-biopsy-needle-3With the same quality engineering, Ad-Tech have expanded their offering to include a range of high quality, Sedan-style (side-cutting) brain biopsy needles. This range of needles offers a time and cost-effective brain biopsy, and any concerns about sharpness, straightness, sterility and cross contamination are addressed, as you will be using a new needle every time.

All types of needle have a 14 gauge/2.11mm diameter, are packaged sterile along with a needle stop and aspiad-tech-brain-biopsy-needle-2rator tube, and can be used with a variety of stereotactic and navigational equipment. Please speak to your local Severn representative about the variable sizes and materials available by following this link.

Catalog #DescriptionDimension "L"Units
DBN-08-10X Biopsy needle 10cm 1 Per Box
DBN-08-19X Biopsy needle 19cm 1 Per Box
DBN-08-24X Biopsy needle 24cm 1 Per Box
MDBN-08-28X MR-Conditional biopsy needle 28cm 1 Per Box