Blom-Singer® VPP

Blom-Singer® VPP


The Blom-Singer® Voice Prosthesis Placement Surgical Kit is designed to be used with Blom-Singer® Classic™ Indwelling Voice Prosthesis™ Sterile Series. Indwelling voice prosthesis packagaed separately. 


VPP 1 Three Sided Non-Coring Trocar

  Single use, diamond faceted 13 gauge trocar.

  Colour bands provide a party wall sizing guide.





Dilating Catheter

The catheter is flexible and slightly tapered to gradually dilate the tracheoesophageal puncture.






Anterograde Placement of the Voice Prosthesis™

Puncture kits for anterograde placement of both the 16Fr and 20Fr Sterile Blom-Singer® Classic™ Indwelling Voice Prosthesis™.




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