Axis Medical Acquisition

Published: Wednesday, 01 January 2020 16:45

On the 1st January 2020 Severn Healthcare acquired Axis Medical Ltd. Axis Medical were the supplier of the following innovative product ranges:

Severn is delighted to be partnering with Grace Medical, a world leader in products for the otological surgeon.  Examples of Grace Medical innovations are Triune vent tubes; the family of ossicular prostheses that include the Alto, the Kraus K-Helix and the Frisbee; the family of stapes prostheses that includes the Eclipse piston; the EndoEar range of integrated suction dissectors, curved suckers and high definition endoscopes.

Grace Medical’s core values can be summed up as Innovation Quality Customer Care : Integrity : Reliability

Severn are committed to delivering all of those to our UK and Ireland customers.

Severn is delighted to be partnering with Invotec International, a world class supplier of instruments and devices for ENT and Plastic surgery.

Invotec supply a wide range of superior quality products at best value prices.

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