Medprin Biotech ReDura


ReDura - Synthetic Dural Substitute


ReDura™ is a biomimetic, absorbable and 100% synthetic dural substitute. Made of PLLA, a well proven and researched synthetic material, it is designed to promote the rapid repair and regeneration of the dura following open cranial surgery.

ReDura™ has excellent handling characteristics and the structure of the patch closely mimics that of the natural extracellular matrix (ECM), thus providing a favourable environment for dural cell migration, proliferation and growth. During the healing phase, the product provides a watertight barrier, preventing the leakage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and its associated complications. Unlike some other dural substitutes, ReDura™ does not swell.



  • Synthetic- no risk of animal infection
  • Watertight with hydrophobic properties to prevent CSF leakage
  • High Mechanical strength and Anti-adhesion allows for excellent handling in the surgical field
  • Close conformity to patient’s anatomy - similar to native Dura
  • Can be used in Onlay and sutured closure techniques, no need for multiple patches to be kept on the shelf.




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ReDura sizes:

ReDura Sizing Chart
Product CodesDescriptions
RDS-1 15mm x 20mm
RDS-2 20mm x 30mm
RDS-3 30mm x 40mm
RDS-4 40mm x 60mm
RDS-5 60mm x 60mm
RDS-6 60mm x 80mm
RDS-7 60mm x 140mm
RDS-8 80mm x 80mm
RDS-9 80mm x 120mm
RDS-10 100mm x 150mm
RDS-11 150mm x 150mm