MedPrin Biotech NeoDura

NeoDura - Novel Dural Patch

NeoDura™ has a similar composition to ReDura™, but with the addition of 20% gelatin for those surgeons who prefer a synthetic based dural substitute with gelatin.

NeoDura™ shares many of the key features of ReDura™ but with the added advantage of improved conformity to the dura combined with a high mechanical strength. The gelatin component means that it also has enhanced resorption characteristics. Like ReDura™, the product also acts as an adhesion barrier between the brain and the skull.


  • Watertight with hydrophobic properties to prevent CSF leakage
  • High Mechanical strength and Anti-adhesion allows for excellent handling in the surgical field
  • With the addition of Gelatin NeoDura has excellent conformity to patients anatomy- similar to native Dura
  • Can be used in Onlay and sutured closure techniques, no need for multiple patches to be kept on the shelf.


 How to use NeoDura:







NeoDura Sizes:

NeoDura Sizing Chart
Product CodesDescriptions
RDP-1 2.5cm x 2.5cm
RDP-2 2.5cm x 7.5cm
RDP-3 3cm x 4cm
RDP-4 4cm x 6cm
RDP-5 5cm x 5cm
RDP-6 6cm x 6cm
RDP-7 6cm x 8cm
RDP-8 7.5cm x 7.5cm
RDP-9 6cm x 14cm
RDP-10 8cm x 12cm
RDP-11 10cm x 12.5cm
RDP-12 15cm x 15cm